Hatimura Temple


Hatimura Temple
The Hatimura Temple is a shakti temple, located at Silghat, Nagaon district of Assam. It was built during the reign of Ahom king Pramatta Singha in 1667 Sakabda (1745-46 AD). It used to be an important center of Shaktism in ancient Assam. The presiding goddess is Durga which is known here as Mahisamardini.Human sacrifice was said to be made at the temple’s altars This place is also full of natural beauty which yet to explore.

History of temple 

Figurine: The idol of Devi Shakti is dispersing the view of goddess in extreme fury. She is manifesting herself as an outrageous thunderstorm having slender waist, broad breast and 10 hands. The astounding spell of fiery goddess seems

delivering the message to entire mankind that ‘Divinity has an edge over devilish deeds’ while equipped with various arms along with a trident. Devi Shakti is sculpted depicting piercing the trident through the chest of ‘Mahishasura’- the devil. Significance of the figurine: ‘When cruelty exceeds divinity has to be incarnated on this earth for sending devil to meet eternity’ -This is the concluding theme of the pious abode of Devi Durga. While making ‘Mahishasur’ her prey as punishment in return of his brutal sins, the goddess has incarnated herself as appalling as the death. Sacrificial offerings: As being a Shakti-Sthal, this shrine has a customary tradition which demands human’s sacrifice as per orthodoxical believes.

How to Reach


Instead of Silghat you can a get flight to Dimapur Airport on regular basis. Silghat 113 km away
Dimapur Airport (DMU), Dimapur, Nagaland Silghat 127 km away
Rowriah Airport (JRH), Jorhat, Assam

There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Silghat.
Railway Station(s): Silghat Town (SHTT)

Silghat does not have a bus stand. Nearest option is Numaligarh.
Silghat 85 km away Numaligarh Numaligarh, Assam
Silghat 86 km away Itanagar Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

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