Araku Valley - Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Araku Valley is a Hill station located 114 km from Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is a valley situated close to the Odisha state border.

Araku is popular for its famous coffee plantations. Located at a height of 3,200 feet in the midst of the hills of Anantagiri, Araku Valley is a beautiful and enchanting hill station. The salubrious climate, musically gurgling streams, the rainbow-creating waterfalls and lush green landscape can offer a memorable escape from the city life.

The valley is located about 112 kilometre from Visakhapatnam. Araku Valley is home to 19 indigenous tribes and offers a wonderful opportunity to get insights into the lifestyle of these tribes and their culture and traditions. Dhimsa dance, a kind of folk dance, is a major attraction for its rhythmic beats and colourful costumes. Itika Pongal is a popular festival that is celebrated in the region and is worth experiencing.

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