The Hanging Gardens of Mumbai

The Hanging Gardens of Mumbai, also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens, are a series of terraced gardens perched on the western side of Malabar Hill, directly across from Kamala Nehru Park. They have various hedges fashioned into animal shapes and provide sunset views over the Arabian Sea. Ulhas Ghapokar built and laid up the park over Bombay’s main reservoir in 1881. It is a popular site where Mumbaikars gather to spend a few moments in the cradle of nature, away from the noise and bustle of the ever-bustling city, with a history of over 138 years. The park boasts spectacular sunset views of the Arabian Sea, making it a popular hangout location for travellers in the evening. This location has evolved into a picnic site over time. Shutterbugs who wish to catch some amazing photos of the sun setting over the gorgeous Arabian Sea flock here as well. The Hanging Gardens are, above all, a place where you may be close to nature and surrounded by vegetation.

How to reach
By Air: Mumbai International Airport is the closest airport.
By Rail: Charni Road station in Mumbai is the closest railway station.
By Road: Take a cab from anywhere in Mumbai to this place.